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seulgi: 점점 더 좋은걸 //  난 나라서 행복해
I Will (Hold Your Hand); Kai/Krystal
rating: g, 502 words
Soojung hopes she doesn't mess things up on her first date with Jongin.

Maybe That Doesn't Matter; Sehun/Seulgi
rating: g, 318 words
For a girl uncertain of debut, Sehun is all kinds of lucky.

It’s Late but I Want to See You; Sehun/Seulgi
rating: g, 287 words
Seulgi wonders just how many girls have fell for him when he smiled, she being included among them.

Wow, That Was Awkward; Suho/Wendy with Sehun/Seulgi
rating: g, 370 words
Junmyeon is really regretting his decisions in life when he crashes into the one and only Son Wendy.

a/n: Can I request a Suho/Wendy tag please? Thanks in advance!
23 04 15 - it sounds better
Title: it sounds better
Author: araaaya
Genre: romance/fluff
Rating: pg
Pairing/Focus: luhan/yoona

Luhan curses inwardly, more to himself who, again and again, stares too intent at her to be called appropriate, than to Yoona’s so-called compliment. He himself doesn’t know why there’re times he caught himself staring at Yoona. Maybe the girl’s face is just so beautiful that it mesmerizes him to the point he doesn’t even realize that he’s staring. Maybe there’s something in her that he can’t figure out what it is, so he just let himself stares at the girl. Or maybe he just simply likes it—to stare at Yoona.

(And he really, really hopes the said girl will never know. Ever.)
hello sun, hello moon  
PG-15.  Angst, Romance. 3407 Words
Sehun/Krystal, Sehun/Seulgi
At times like this, Sehun wonders whether she’s the moon that illuminates his entire being even from afar or the sun that burns his every single cell whenever he stands too close.

Sehun’s heart clenches, but he’s sure as hell that Soojung’s bleeds.
18 04 15 - sixteen

(rating : g | 2470 words)
She told him it was okay because at age twenty she would quit her idol life

Surely, that April night was a solely witness of the pristine dreams of those two clueless teenagers.

my very first post here.. i'm so glad i found this beautiful comm ;__;
seulgi: 점점 더 좋은걸 //  난 나라서 행복해
Won't Come Home (Yet); Lay/Jia ft. China-line
rating: pg-13, 4137 words
Jia thinks that they can all feel it too, the empty space of people missing, and perhaps they are compensating for it by being overly cheerful, overly everything.

Sometimes she wonders why all of them go through these useless formalities when they all know the truth: that nothing is good, that everything is going downhill, that all of them are just human beings (not anything more, perhaps even less) reaching out towards one another as they plummet in freefall.

a/n: Mods, can I request a Lay/Jia tag? Thanks in advance!
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