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23 September 2016 @ 08:59 pm
thrice swallowed, four times consumed
800w; pg-13 (lay/irene)
joohyun starts fires and yixing forgets about them.

When Yixing comes to, he's sitting in the driver's seat of a Volkswagen that's parked on the shoulder of a highway.

spring cleaning
503w; g (sungjoo/seulgi)
the dust in between.

"Do you ever feel like a speck of dust?"

mods, can i please have a pairing: lay/irene tag? thank you!
29 August 2016 @ 11:00 pm
maybe means nothing
480 words, g
pinky's not much of a greeter. jun and pinky never have conversations as a result.

that's their version of saying goodbye. hellos don't really matter much, he supposes.

mods, can i get a jun/pinky and ioi tag please? :)
22 August 2016 @ 09:02 pm

it's in the books
7276w; pg-15
yoona escapes into the library. he's always there.
part i part ii

11 August 2016 @ 10:07 pm
inkjet printers, lunch dates, and everything in between
pg, 801w
being an intern isn't easy. being an intern with jaebum is worse.

there's that greasy smile again; almost all the females in the company have a particular weakness to it

a place and time
pg, 799w
and the sun gets swallowed by the sea

the scent of salt and lavender, and the last bonfire of the summer
11 August 2016 @ 10:03 pm
through the fire
pg, 543w
of course, behind every headline is a story

burn everything to ashes

where the sun never ceases
pg, 618w
seoul nightscape, los angeles sun-kissed skyline, and the distance between two hearts

seoul is where she had fallen in love

love, crash, burn
pg-13, 607w
paradise and purgatory - all in one

she swears she hears a little heartbreak in his voice, too